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Learn How To Play Craps In 4 Minutes | Casino Rides of Dallas

Basic Craps Rules

Craps is a fast-paced game, so it can be tricky to learn the rules by simply watching. Luckily, most rules in craps are around the shooter and bets, so they are easy to learn and implement. Remember to follow these rules the next time you join a craps game at a casino:

1. Wait for a space at a craps table

Up to 20 players can join a game of craps, and there's a chips shelf for each one. The dealers use these shelves to keep track of bets, so wait until one becomes available to join a game.

2. Follow shooter etiquette

In craps, if the shooter lands the point to end the game, they remain shooter in the next game. Only when the shooter lands a seven does the position pass to a new player.

3. Do not bet on separate die

Craps bets are based on the combined value of the two dice. Dealers will not accept bets on individual die in a game.

4. Be aware that you can win and lose bets when you're not the shooter

Some players think their bets only count when they're the ones rolling the dice. In craps, players are in the game if their chips are on the table.

5. Make bets only when the dealers are taking them

In every round of craps, the dealers will announce when bets are being taken. No one likes a player stalling the excitement of the craps table, so get yours in when the dealers go around the table.

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